Founded in 2016 the Company was primarily intended to be an independent label dedicated to making classical recordings in high resolution formats only, mostly at DXD, and to explore ‘uncharted paths’ in search of the beauty that has been lost through over use of earlier methods. Whenever possible we prefer to make our recordings in ‘concert style’, without editing, in order to preserve the living feeling of the performance.

Latest releases

  • Weightlessness: 100th Anniversary of Theremin
  • Asya Sorshneva, Olesya Rostovskaya
  • The Organ In A Russian Home
  • Bach, Charpentier, Cui, GLINKA, Gretchaninov, Klavierboek, Krieger, Lyadov, Mozart, Odoevsky, Rostovskaya, Scheidt, Sperontes
  • The Bells of Northern Skies
  • 16 Century Discotheque
  • Anon, Bach, Bull, Chambonni, Couperin, Graupner, Handel, Lully, Milan, Narmiger, Pachelbel, Rameau, Rostovskaya, van Eyck, Zipoli
  • What Peter the Great Heard From The Carillon Tower
  • Anonimus, Boutmy, Flemish folksong, Graupner, Ivan the Terrible, Krieger, Play-Song of Russian Peasants, Titov
  • Tañido Español
  • Albeniz, Bizet, Folk song, Obradors, Rostovskaya